Trusted Tradespeople

We are compiling a list of people in the Anglian waterways region who are trusted to carry out boat/engine maintenance and surveys/boat safety exams etc. Names only go on the list following personal recommendation, and we don't take money from anyone to get a place on this list!

If you would like to recommend who has carried out work for you, email

Jones' Boatyard,  St Ives  01480 494040 (number of recommendations: 2)

Engine Maintenance
Barry Flytton, Boat Engineer : 07714 706090/ 01223 860880 (number of recommendations: 2)

Boat electrics
Midsummer Energy 01223 858414 (number of recommendations: 2)

Brokerage Services
Hartford Marina 01480 454677 (number of recommendations: 2)

Boat Safety Examiners
Tony Pope 07833 393928 / 01353 725369 (number of recommendations: 1)
Alan Winter Ely 07836541558 (number of recommendations: 2)

Structural Steelwork/Welding/Fabrication
Mango Engineering 07756 362 252 email: (number of recommendations: 1)

Gas Safe Registered Contractors

Westview Marina, Earith (number of recommedations: 1)

Tony Pope 07833 393928 / 01353 725369 (number of recommedations: 1)

Blacking/hull maintenance/dry dock
Little Ouse Moorings 07713 465791 (number of recommendations: 2)
Stretham Ferry 07900114135/07581458069 (number of recommendations: 2)


  1. BSS Examiner: Alan Winter Ely (07836541558). He's very thorough though so be prepared! He did my first examination on Vianna and every time he opened his mouth I imagined £10 notes flying out and into the sky.

    Still, it was a death trap!

    Whoever thought that having the gas container resting on the exhaust (which was just plastic) was a good idea had an interesting approach to safety.

    1. Alan Winter is a fair, thorough and honest boat safety examiner!

      Highly recommended!

  2. Another thumbs-up for Midsummer Energy after a recent installation on Southern Comfort: a very neat and expert job, and no more worry about flat batt or running the engine un-necessarily.