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World Rivers Day Festival was held last Sunday 25th September 2011

World Rivers Day, 25th September 2011 on Jesus Green, Cambridge.

Below is a short description of the things which we will be doing. We are hoping to make it a very local hands on participatory festival which will promote local groups as well as promote an appreciation of the river. Proceeds will go to Water Aid.

World Rivers Day held on the last Sunday of September is a global celebration of the world's rivers and waterways. It highlights many of the values of rivers, strives to increase public awareness and improve stewardship.

World Rivers Day has been endorsed by various agencies of the United Nations and is intended to complement the broader efforts of the United Nation'sWater for Life Decade.

The Cambridge River Festival on the 25th September 2011 from 10am to 6pm will celebrate our own river whilst following the aims of World Rivers Day.

The World Rivers Day Festival will be a festival which encourages local community cohesion and engagement. It will emphasize the cultural, ecological, historical, aesthetic and recreational importance of rivers. In an atmosphere of celebration the festival will encourage, educate and help facilitate positive actions so that the community will learn to live in a more environmentally sound manner, be more culturally tolerant, and be more
appreciative of our local rivers. It is a festival about engaging in theactivities and events rather than merely watching.

Workshops, taster and demonstration sessions.
These will include rowing, fishing, canoeing and punting.
The public will be shown how locks work and be able to work a boat through the whole process using Jesus Green lock. In addition there will be workshops and community stalls covering personal well-being through yoga, massage, herbalism etc.

Art and craft projects and a variety of children's activities.
These will include the making of community murals, children's art, poetry and writing exhibitions, activities on the City Council's new ChYPPS play boat, recycled art projects run by the City Council's Scrapstore, willow
weaving, face painting etc. The history of the traditional “Roses and Castles” art, which is particular to narrowboats, will be presented through a treasure hunt style activity.

An introduction to the boating community and the history of boating on the river.
Residential and historic boats will be open to visitors so the public can learn about this way of life, it's cultural history and also the history of the way boats and the river Cam are linked. In addition there will be short films about river life

Low carbon, low water and sustainable lifestyles being shown and discussed.

A variety of local community stalls covering environmental issues, such as water conservation, alternative energy forms and sustainable living will be present. In addition boats will be open to demonstrate their low environmental impact lifestyle.

The natural history of rivers and their conservation.

This is being presented through talks, films, posters, and community stands such as RSPB, Cambridge Mammal Group, Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society and Cambridge Past Present and Future, Water Aid, Oxfam etc.

Music and theatre.
To add to the mix there will be music and theatre with various bands, storytelling, music groups and more.

A variety of stalls.
Stalls selling local produce, crafts, clothes and refreshments with an emphasis on sustainable produce as far as is feasible.