About Camboaters

Camboaters is a boating community based in Cambridge, in the UK. There are approximately 100 liveaboards on the River Cam and many holiday boat owners. It's a vibrant, diverse community of all ages and professions. We're a friendly group and we believe that our sustainable way of life adds to the natural beauty and charm of Cambridge, providing an additional tourist attraction on the riverside, whilst placing low impact on council resources.

Camboaters Community Association

On 20 September 2004, we held a public meeting to announce the constitution of a Camboaters Community Association (CCA) and elected members to the CCA Management Committee.
By forming the CCA, we aimed to:
  • improve the quality of life and facilities available to boat owners on the river
  • encourage and provide proactive solutions to the problems faced by boat owners on the river
  • establish and maintain good relationships between all river users and the relevant authorities
  • change and dispel myths widely held about live-aboards
  • assist with the implementation of any new policies that affect houseboat owners
  • contribute new ideas aimed at preserving the beauty and wildlife on the river
  • enjoy all aspects of the river from navigation to recreational activities
  • promote a healthy way of life on the river
More information about the aims of the CCA, its committee members and how to join, can be found in the Membership section of this site.