Friday, October 28, 2016

River bank residents launch ‘The Camboaters River Review’.

[Press Release] 
Camboaters, the Association representing the interests of boats moored on the river Cam, are today announcing their ‘Camboaters River Review’. It seeks to identify ways of improving the already strong community that has been built up over many years between most land and river residents, as well as the many riverbank and river users.

The Camboaters River Review also aims to achieve a well-considered collective response to the Cambridge City Council’s recently announced Public Consultation on its ‘Moorings Management Policy’. The Council is asking for views from the general public on a range of their propositions which include; relocating boats from the Council’s Riverside moorings to an unspecified new mooring zone on The Commons; reducing the number of mooring licenses; doubling its mooring income; spending more, on an enhanced management and enforcement system for residents and visitors. Given the complexity and serious nature of the situation, and the shortage of information provided by Cambridge City Council, the Camboaters River Review also aims to provide the information people would require to be able to make an objective and well informed response to the Public Consultation.

The Camboaters River Review was born out of the shock, anger and anxiety caused by the Council not communicating with any local boat owners before launching their Public consultation. However, Camboaters have since concluded this is also an opportunity to consult on ways of expanding the already extensive cooperation between the diverse communities upon or nearby the river.

There are two main strands to The Camboaters River Review; Discovery and Consultation. A range of Camboaters working groups are looking into every aspect proposed by the Council. Investigations, enquiries, and private meetings with Councillors and Officials are already underway to seek more clarity about their motives and objectives. Camboaters will then hold a public meeting to air the Council’s proposals, present constructive alternatives, and explore additional ideas. Details of their public meeting will be announced soon.

Camboaters Chairman Jim Ross, a Practical Sustainability Architect, says about the launch “The Council’s initial proposals with notions of auctioning off moorings to the highest bidder, and ‘extinguishing’ boats from Riverside, came out of the blue. It shocked our close knit community to the core. Subsequent insinuations, in public meetings, that boats are moored illegally are groundless, and upset many, needlessly. Since then there’s been a welcome softening of Council approach, and a fantastic response by both Camboaters and many supportive local house residents. We’re rallying and reaching out to find ways the whole riverbank community can be improved for residents and visitors alike. We’ve led the way with initiatives like The Cam Clean-up. Our presence and communication network helps keep the whole riverbank environment safer for all. The Camboaters River Review aims to continue to be positive and lead by example’’.

The City Council Moorings consultation Survey can be found here

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