Friday, July 20, 2012

Strong Stream Advice removed.

Please be advised that the Environment Agency has cancelled its Strong Stream Advice warning for the River Great Ouse (see attached notice). River levels remain above average on the River Cam, in particular between Baits Bite and Bottisham. Navigators are advised to take precautions when approaching locks and weirs.

This evening, the final races of the annual ‘Town Bumps’ will take place between Baits Bite Lock and Chesterton. The first race will start at 17:45 hr and races should be completed by dusk.

On Sunday 22 July Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society Ltd will be holding a Club Match on the River Cam. Anglers will be using pegs near the railway bridge (Long Reach), between the A14 road bridge and Baits Bite Lock, and below Baits Bite Lock towards Clayhithe, from 09:00 hr to 15:00 hr. Navigators making passage along these reaches are asked to keep a look-out for lines/poles and to keep speed and wash down to a minimum when passing competitors.

Works to clear the large tree which is part-obstructing navigation near the Fort St George public house, Midsummer Common, will commence on Monday 23 July. For short periods whilst winching is in progress it may not be possible to navigate past this obstruction. Navigators must heed the instructions of the bank party in attendance. It is expected that these clearance works may take up to two days. Thank you to everyone for your patience over the last week.

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