Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Open Meeting, Monday 10th January 7.30pm

The CamCon are proposing that the people registered with an EA license under the reciprocal agreement pay more next year, and have sent around a consultation letter.

To summarise the CamCon letter for everyone who didn't get one:

  • Changes only for those registered with the EA
  • The Cam Con have run out of money for major capital works, e.g. lock gate replacement. Apparently can no longer defer these.
  • The CamCon want to either levy an additional charge on boats registered withthe EA, or scrap the reciprocal agreement.

The three options we're being asked to comment on are:

1. Purchase an additional licence from the CamCon, set at 25% of annual rate.

2. Purchase an additional licence at a flat rate of 125 pounds, regardless of
vessel size

3. Scrap the reciprocal agreement entirely, charge everyone a CamCon fee in
addition to an EA yearly or visitor's licence.

To discuss this consultation and let everyone have their say, a meeting will be held on
Monday 10th January at 7.30 pm. It will be at Queen's College
boathouse, the modern boathouse near Victoria Avenue bridge, with a spiral
staircase out the front. The meeting will be held on the first floor, up the
spiral staircase. Please pass this notice around to any boaters you think may be interested.


  1. How will this effect visiting boaters from other waterways who have to buy an EA visitor licence or BW/EW Gold licence to even get as far as the Cam, we they require to buy a short term visitor licence for the time they spend on the Cam

  2. That will depend on the outcome of the consultation. If they terminate the EA reciproca agreement, then yes, visitors would have to pay extra to visit Cambridge. What an awful thought!