Friday, October 14, 2016

Cambridge Residents support the Boaters

Check out this video, created by Cambridge residents in support of the boaters. Thanks to Hilary for making it!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Council Consultation

Cambridge City Council are in the process of launching a consultation on moorings in Cambridge which could see boaters face financial hardship or even lose their homes.

The Council are proposing:

  • Abolishing mooring along Riverside, reducing the number of residential moorings in Cambridge by around one third. This is despite a recent consultation showing strong public support for retaining mooring on this part of the river. People have lived on Riverside for 20 years or more, and there is nowhere on the river for boats to go if they are moved on.
  • Doubling the mooring fee for all boats on Council moorings, and abandoning the principle that fees should be set at a fair level that reflects the cost of providing services to boaters. A doubling of fees would cause significant financial hardship for many people who live on boats.

Camboaters are extremely concerned at the proposals in the consultation. We want instead to see:
  • Riverside boaters integrated into the existing moorings policy. We believe safety concerns over the railings that the Council are using as a pretext for the proposed evictions have been greatly overstated, as people have moored there for at least 20 years without incident. With small modifications to access (gates in the railings, ladders on the wall, and mooring rings - already in place on some parts of the river wall), excellent access could be provided for boaters for very little outlay.
  • Keeping the current simple and fair fee structure. Integrating Riverside into the Council's mooring policy so that boats there pay the same mooring licence as other boaters is a better way of increasing revenue!
The proposed consultation document is online on the Council's website. We'll be doing everything we can to persuade the Council that there is a better, fairer way forward for boaters and the City than the current proposals.

We'll provide regular updates on the website, through Facebook and Twitter, and by email. Please contact us at if you would like to be on the mailing list or can offer support.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

River Festival 25th September 2016

Camboaters are proud to present the return of the CAMBRIDGE RIVER FESTIVAL, a celebration of life on the River Cam.

Join us at Jesus Green Lock on World Rivers Day, Sunday 25 September, for Classic Boats, Live Music, Good Food, River Trips, Story Telling, Arts, Wild Life and much much more...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thank you all!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Cam Clean Up on Saturday! It was a fantastic day, and between us we filled nearly a hundred bags, as well as fishing out some bigger items like bikes, road signs and a football goalpost! We were joined by MP Julian Huppert (who turned out to be an expert grappler) and Mayor Gerri Bird. We all hope you enjoyed the free BBQ afterwards, and look out for more info about another clean up later in the year!

Here's the Cambridge News story